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Free site for hindu predictive astrology based on vedic knowledge. Predictions tithi, vrat, festivals, muhurt, birth chart, kundly, marriage compatibility, partnership match, panchang, dream interpretation etc.
Different from other sites        
The actual ancient knowledge of Hindu Astrology has been partially forgotten and the present existing form of Astrology has been corrupted. The basic objective of astroveda is to provide a platform, where astrologers can share their original ideas in respect of Astrology, so that Astrology can be better developed. Another idea is to collect data, which can be used by any one to test yogas for their correctness.    
Induces research on yogas        
Astrologers registering with astroveda can put various yogas on the site. Their occurrence is tested in the charts registered with astroveda. The yogas as well as the name of the astrologer will be displayed with the charts. The response and percentage success of yogas is intimated to the astrologer.    
Scientific approach        
Astroveda is of the view to discarded baseless concepts of astrology and adopt scientific approach. Astroveda gives preference to prediction by "proved yogas" over "general principles" and "gochar" over "vimshottary dasha". We should also give less importance to "Var or weekdays" as they have no link with the motion of planets. They are only helpful in remembering a date or in counting of days. They are misunderstood as connected with planets just because of their names.    
Use of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto        
As Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are also planets of our Solar System, and can also influence humans, in the same manner as the other planets do, we should not ignore them. Astroveda gives much importance to them, while making predictions. Astroveda wants to induce research on Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Had they been known to ancient people, they would also have been included in Ancient Astrology.    


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