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Vedic Astrolgy is based on Nirayan System of Longitudes which is presently around 23 Degree ahead of Sayan System. It is why you may notice around 22 days late start of Sun Signs in Nirayan System as compared to Sayan System


Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac. It is the sign of the Fishes. It runs from March 15th to April 13th of any year. It is a Mutable water sign. It is symbolised by the pulls of a opposition, the desire to travel in opposite directions simultaneously. It governs the feet and the psychic and spiritual faculties.

The planetary ruler for Pisces is Jupiter. Gemstone for it is Topaz and colour is yellow.

People born in this part of the, possess an innate "natural understanding' and intuition. They absorb knowledge easily, especially of the history of countries and people, and as well as matters relating to travel, exploitation of lands, research, exploration and such like things.

They are more mentally ambitious than they appear to be in the ordinary way, but they feel they must know their subject thoroughly before they speak or write about it.

They have great loyalty to friends or to any cause they take up, provided they feel they are trusted or looked up to. They are generally successful in all positions of responsibility, but at the same time are not inclined to push themselves forward and usually "wait to be asked" before giving their opinions. They are great respecters of law and order" and uphold the convention of whatever special order in which they may be found.

The strongest and weakest characters are found in this Sign. Some are inclined to gratify their innate sense of luxury and self-indulgence, and if this side of the nature is the one that controls, they are likely to be too easy going, to be too receptive to their surroundings, to become influenced by false friends, to give way to fraudulent schemes and in some cases are inclined to become addicted to drugs or drink.

If, however, persons born in this part of the year find some purpose worth living for, they rise to the emergency as few others can. These are the people that one meets sometimes in life who surprise their friends by their sudden change of character.

They can, in a moment, throw off any form of weakness or self-indulgence and rise to any height of self-denial. All persons born in this part of the year have a dual element as the mainspring of their nature. It simply depends on which of the two roads they have decided to follow.

Persons born in this Sign are highly emotional. If they belong to the weak side of it, the people with whom they are thrown in contact, but if they belong to the stronger side, their emotional nature can lift them up to any position easily influence them.

They are generally fond of travel, of the ocean and large expanses of water. If circumstances do not permit them to travel, they will if they possibly can, make their homes where they can see the ocean or live on the side of some lake or river.

In business they are good in dealing with transportation, trade with foreign countries, imports and exports or sea borne commerce of any description.

Almost all have a curiously mystical side to their nature, as well as the practical. They are often classed as superstitious, the occult in all its forms appealing to them on one-way or another.

They would do best by aiming at some form of public life, such as in municipal affairs or in connection with politics, government life, or positions of responsibility and trust. They love to search out or investigate the unknown the philosophical or the mysterious.

Although by nature generous, they have at heart a curious dread of poverty and for that reason do not allow their generous instincts to get the better of them unless they are under the influence of someone they love. In such a case they become easily influence and are likely to give away all they possess. Money has not value in their eyes. It is something to be used, or as a means to an end and nothing more.