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Vedic Astrolgy is based on Nirayan System of Longitudes which is presently around 23 Degree ahead of Sayan System. It is why you may notice around 22 days late start of Sun Signs in Nirayan System as compared to Sayan System


Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac. It is the sign of water bearer. It runs from February 13th to March 14th of any year. It is a fixed air sign. It is symbolised by the outpouring of the vital water of life onto the Earth so that the life to come may be prepared within the ground for its later emergence. It governs the calves, the ankles and the circulation of the body fluids.

The planetary Ruler for Aquarius is Saturn. The gemstone for it is Neelam. The Colour of the Aquarius is the violet.

People born during this period of year will be inclined to be over-sensitive and easily hurt and wounded by others. They will feel lonely in life though they are likely to make contacts with large numbers of people.

They will not be demonstrative in their affections or able to express their love-nature; they will, however, be intensely loyal to those they love and will fight to the bitter end for a friend or for any cause they espouse. They will have strong intuitions about those they come in contact with and will be generally right in their judgement. They will "read" people instinctively, but being so sensitive and so disinclined to hurt others, they will be prone to conceal their opinions or keep them to their self.

They will be extremely strong from the very fact that they cannot 'let go' and express their self, and their nerves at times are likely to become much over-wrought.

If they do lose control, and say what is in their mind, they will suffer from fits of conscience and bitterly regret what they have said and go to the other extreme in trying to repair the breach.

They will have a great desire to be active or employed for the public good and will be more than usually generous in helping to relieve the distress of others. They will be inclined to aid public charities more than the average individual on account of an innate dread of being imposed upon or 'taken in" by a personal "hard luck" story.

They will have a very logical type of mind and like to have subjects who can reason out with they.

They will have remarkably good ideas in business and will be found giving excellent advice to others, but as a general rule they will find their self filling positions of trust and responsibility and more successful for others than for their self.

They will require some call of duty or circumstances to demonstrate but the sterling qualities that they possess, but if " the call" does come, they will rise to the occasion and surprise everyone by the hidden powers and abilities they possess.

If they can overcome their sensitiveness and develop self-confidence, there is no position in life they could not attain.

They would succeed best in some large sphere of action for the good others. Those who become 'awakened' if born in this Sign, usually leave a great name behind in the cause of humanity, or by some great invention that has brought unusual benefit to the world at large.

They will be inclined to take a deep interest in public movements that attract large masses of people. They will be found attending important ceremonies of national interest in whatever country that they may call their own.

Although living much in theirself, they will exhibit the strange contradiction of liking crowds and going where people congregate, such as mass meetings, theatres, places of amusement and such like. They will also exhibit the strange complexity that, although their own nerves are nearly always in an over-wrought condition, yet they will have great power over excitable people or those who are hysterical or insane and their will often find their self thrown among such types in their journey through life.

If they are born into wealthy surroundings the likelihood will be that they will never develop their best qualities, but just drift down the stream of life, until too late to make any change.

They should study the companions they choose more than perhaps any other class, for the reason that being lacking in self-confidence, they could easily become influenced by those they come into close contact with.