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Vedic Astrolgy is based on Nirayan System of Longitudes which is presently around 23 Degree ahead of Sayan System. It is why you may notice around 22 days late start of Sun Signs in Nirayan System as compared to Sayan System


Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. It is the sign of the Archer. It runs from December 16th through January 14th of any year. It is a mutable, Fire sign. An arrow in flight symbolizes it. It governs the liver and knees.

The planetary ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter. The gemstone for Sagittarius is the topaz.

People born in this part of the year have the characteristics of their symbol, the Archer. They fly direct to the target in all they undertake. They are inclined to be decisive and outspoken in their words and in consequence often make bitter and unforgiving enemies. They concentrate all their attention on whatever they are doing at the moment, and see no other way but theirs until their effort is spent.

Their minds are so quick in thought that they will often be found breaking in on the conversation of others and show their impatience with slow or ponderous speakers. Brutally, they unmask any attempt to deceive others, even when such action is against their own interests. They never stop in whatever their task may be until they wear themselves out or "die in harness. They have great enterprise in business or anything they undertake, but they never feel themselves confined to any one line of work.

For this reason they change rapidly in their views. As politicians they will make many changes in their policies in the course of their career as clergymen they are likely to alter their views on religion; if scientists they often abandon their profession for some branch of industry, and so on. They are inclined to go to extremes in all things, make sudden decisions for which they may have regrets, but they will be too proud to acknowledge their errors.

Love of power is their dominating quality. If, however, they realize that they cannot attain what they have set their heart on, they are likely to stop in the middle of their career, throw their ambition overboard and start something entirely different, or do nothing more for the rest of their lives. The men and women of this "Sign generally marry on the impulse of the moment and regret it later. They are, however, too proud to acknowledge their mistakes and often pass for models of marital happiness.

They are staunch upholders of "law and order" and are regular attendants at places of worship, more from the standpoint that their example is of benefit to others, than because they are themselves religious. Persons born in this part of the year generally enjoy great popularity; they often become "public idols" and have fame and position thrust upon them.

The women of this Sign are as a rule the nobler of the two sexes; they do all they can to make their husbands or their children successful and are willing to sacrifice themselves to that end. They have an intense love of their home and even when unhappily married, they try to make best of a bad bargain. They have a high sense of honour and duty, but are very independent in their outlook on life.

Persons born in this part of the year are inclined to suffer acutely from "nerves." As they advance in years they are liable to severe attacks of sciatica and, if born towards the latter part of the month, they are liable to have some form of paralysis of legs. They are also likely to have trouble with the sinus cavities of the face, also mastoids.

This part of the year is governed by Jupiter (positive), which brings to the front all the ambitious desires of the individual born in this Sign. The Jupiterian influence brought to bear upon the nature by the position of the Sun in Sagittarius at their birth, renders the disposition somewhat dualistic. They can be sensitive, impressionable and reticent, and the next moment confident, impulsive and daring. Above all, they are governed by an untiring mental activity, which never flags while there remains a mystery whose secret nature has not been investigated.