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Vedic Astrolgy is based on Nirayan System of Longitudes which is presently around 23 Degree ahead of Sayan System. It is why you may notice around 22 days late start of Sun Signs in Nirayan System as compared to Sayan System


Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. It is the sign of the Virgin. It runs from September 17th through October 17th any year. It is a Mutable, Earth sign. It governs the abdomen.

The planetary Ruler of virgo is the Mercury. The colour for virgo is green.

People born in this period of year are as a rule successful in life. They possess keen intellects with wonderfully retentive memories. They are cautious and discriminating about those they associate with and as a rule are not easily imposed upon or deceived.

They analyse and reason things closely; they make good critics, generally too much so for their own good or happiness. They notice things out of place quickly and have excellent taste about their homes.

They are not as a rule originators, but they carry out with success any plan or work that appeals to them or things which others have failed to finish. But whatever the things is that occupies their attention they exercise great concentration and will never rest until they have carried out their object.

They have unusual respect for rank and position; they are zealous supporters of the law and the law's decision. They make excellent lawyers and debaters, but they tend towards supporting precedents more than originating any new ordinance. They succeed well in scientific research and business, but more from their steady, industrious persistency, will-power and determination than anything else.

They are inclined to become wrapped up in themselves and their own ideas and appear to become selfish in the close pursuit of their aims. They have always "their wits about them" and are generally self-possessed and self-reliant. They are more capable of going to extremes in good and evil than any other types. If they develop a love of money they will stick at nothing to acquire it.

They can adapt themselves to almost any pursuit in life. In their inner love nature, they are the most difficult of all to understand, the very best and the very worst of men and women being born in this part of the year.

In their early years nearly all are intensely virtuous and pure minded, as might be expected being born in the Sign of Virgo - the Virgin.

If they change, they do so with a vengeance and became the exact reverse, but on account of their inborn respect of the law and their natural cleverness, they succeed in covering up their tendencies better than any other class. They have often a tendency to indulge in drugs or drink unless they have got control over themselves.

In health, as a rule, they are less liable to disease than persons born in any other part of the year, yet the strange thing about them is that they are always imagining themselves to have every illness that they may happen to read about in the public press.

They are very refined in their tastes as far as food is concerned, and must have things nicely put before them or they will lose their appetites. They are extremely sensitive to their surroundings, the least in harmony or announce affects their nervous system and upsets their digestive organs. They are very liable to sudden internal derangement in the intestines and often have extremes of constipation, varied by dysentery or colic. They have a tendency to have trouble with lungs and to suffer from neuritis in the shoulders and arms.

As this Sign of the Zodiac appears to be intimately associated with the solar plexus, people born in this part of the year need sunlight and fresh air more than any other class of individual. A person born in this period will experience the vital principle of the Sun rays passing through the Zodiacal Sign of Virgo, endowing them with the characteristics pertaining to the negative side of the planet Mercury.

Thus, their personal vibrations are strongest on the material plane, and their views of life as a general rule are realistic, analytical, sceptical, and shrewd.