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Vedic Astrolgy is based on Nirayan System of Longitudes which is presently around 23 Degree ahead of Sayan System. It is why you may notice around 22 days late start of Sun Signs in Nirayan System as compared to Sayan System


Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac. It is the sign of the crab. It runs from July 17th through Aug 16th of any year. It is a Cardinal, water sign. It is symbolised by the mother. It governs the heart and the chest.

The planetary Ruler for Cancer is the Moon. The gemstone for Cancer is the pearl.

The sign of cancer, or "The Crab," was so called by the ancients because the stars in this region of Zodiac are look like a crab. People born in this part of the are painstaking and industrious in all they undertake, but are inclined to have extremes of good and bad fortune. In gambling in shares they generally lose, whereas in legitimate business work they can be most successful. They possess, however, as a rule, a keen desire for speculation and often lose business they have built up after years of hard work by this tendency in their nature.

Like the symbol of "The crab" they often advance and retreat both in work and ideas; they may reach a certain point in some definite plan or career and then surprise everyone by stopping or turning back at the most critical moment.

As a rule they have great "ups and downs" in money matters, unless they have conquered, their speculative tendency early in life and accumulated wealth and put it aside for the emergencies that must sooner or later crop up in their careers.

People born in this part of the year often reach very high exalted positions or gain some pinnacle of fame where they cannot escape the dazzling light of publicity. In their home lives, however, they usually go through a great deal of trouble and are seldom surrounded by great happiness, no matter how successful they may appear in the eyes of the world.

As a rule they are 'dreamers' of large plans. They evolve big ideals for the welfare of others, but if they meet opposition and criticism they suffer keenly, but silently, and are inclined to become cynical and shut themselves up in their own immediate surroundings.

Although of a deeply affectionate disposition, they are seldom demonstrative and are wrongly considered cold and unemotional. They have large imagination and often make excellent artists, writers, composers, or dramatists and under some dates in this Zodiacal Sign, great organizers in industry or business.

Generally they have splendid memories and store up knowledge of all kinds in their mind. They often make excellent psychics or become deeply interested in occult studies or in religion, or in some unusual philosophy of life. They have deep love for what they call "their own people, " for family customs and for tradition.