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Vedic Astrolgy is based on Nirayan System of Longitudes which is presently around 23 Degree ahead of Sayan System. It is why you may notice around 22 days late start of Sun Signs in Nirayan System as compared to Sayan System


Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac. It is the sign of the twins. It runs from June 15th to July 16th of any year. It is a mutable Air sign. It is symbolized by speed and communications. It governs the shoulders, arms, hands and lungs.

The planetary Ruler form Gemini is Mercury. The colour for Gemini is green.

People born in this part of the year, have the characteristics of Gemini-the Twins-and may be considered more or less dual in character and in their mentality.

Their brains are subtle, versatile and brilliant. Of all the Signs of the Zodiac, they are the most difficult to understand. They are mentally quick and rapid in thought and in matters where a subtle mentality is required they can out-distance all rivals.

They are charming in society and if taken in their mood of the moment, they are the most delightful people possible to meet, but one must not expect to have any deep hold over them or expect them to keep to their promises of plans, unless it suits their purpose to do so. In their heart they believe they are constant and faithful, and so they may be at the moment, but each moment to them has a separate existence.

They quickly grasp are project presented, and can pick things to pieces, or reduce all to nothing by their wit, sarcasm of criticism. If they exercise their will-power to stick to one thing, they make most brilliant successes of whatever they undertake.

One class under this combination in June succeed best as far as making money is concerned, in speculative matters, on the Stock exchange, as company promoters, or exploiting inventions or new ideas in business. They also do well in diplomatic negotiations interviewing people, travelling through countries and make themselves charming to strangers.

Their personality is so fascinating that people leave their presence thinking what a delightful interview they have had, and they generally become idolized by those under them. In matters of affection they are the greatest puzzle of all. They can love passionately and yet be unfaithful at the same time. They often keep two homes, and usually by their wonderful tact escape being found out.

They make hosts of friends and are kind-hearted and generous to the person who fills their thoughts at the moment, but "out of sight, out of mind," explains their fits of "forgetfulness" as nothing else can. They are highly-strung and restless. If they are rich and can travel, they are always on the move. They love speed and rapid movement. They are good patrons of express trains, fast motorcars, airplanes and any invention that can eliminate distance and time.

They often have great "ups and downs" but nothing makes much impression on them. If they are depressed one moment, they may be equally gay the next. They change their outlook on life many times during their career, but if they once change in their feelings or affections for a person, it is as if that person for them had ceased to exist. They often equally easily give up some position of responsibility just because it fails to hold their interest.

The combined planetary influence and the position of the Sun in the intellectual and dualistic Sign of Gemini, also called the House of Mercury (positive), exerts a strong Mercurial influence upon the whole nature, giving them much intellectual mental powers, but at the same time a disposition which is involved, enigmatical and very difficult to understand.

Such persons are largely governed by an insatiable craving for variety, and go to any length to break through a spell of monotony and routine. The intellect usually is brilliant and shows good reasoning ability, but the mental activity is so intense that, as a rule, it must seek expression in several directions at the same time.

Persons born in this part of the year seldom, however, derive much satisfaction from work accomplished, for their nature has always the tendency to subject it to severe criticism afterwards. Such persons often attain a prominent position in the centre of some progressive movement, but they generally follow two professions, one to suit the public and the other to suit themselves.

They are ingenious, inventive and energetic, but they should cultivate persistency and tenacity of purpose. If such persons cultivate concentration of their mental powers, they can always achieve success.